Recruitment processes that are efficient, productive, and pleasant for both candidates and hiring teams will surely improve your recruiters’ performance. Let’s take a look at some ways you can boost recruiter performance quickly.

Improve Recruiters Performance: Introduce healthy competition

Let your recruiters see their real-time individual and team performance allowing them to gain insights into their work contributions and encourage fun and healthy competitions between departments

Many employees are motivated by elements other than money and incentives, such as recognition, challenges, and empowerment which can easily be done through individual contribution tracking.

Keep the competition fresh by updating your team in real-time, whether on a digital dashboard or a whiteboard in your office.

Streamline work processes

Wouldn’t you agree that manual back-office processes are mundane? 

Workplace productivity does not only refer to getting things done but more so, the time spent by your employees on things that actually matter.

Repetitive jobs are great for automation, and with so much new technology available, there’s no excuse to keep wasting time on them.  Automation doesn’t mean having to replace human work altogether but instead gives efficiency to the job that needs to be done.

Utilize business intelligence

Seeing the proof in numbers can often clarify the big picture for your recruiters. Use a business intelligence tool that collects your sales and workforce in easy-to-read formats. Having clear data on your organization’s sales and performance will help you identify inefficiencies and address them accordingly.

If you want to better utilize the skills and potential of your recruiters, then we might just have what you need at Bilflo. 

With Bilflo’s automation and business intelligence software, you can work with your staff to figure out what your top-performing teams are doing and how you can build on their achievements. Through this, you create a culture that acknowledges and promotes individual effort and problem-solving and promotes technique-sharing that’s beneficial for everybody in the long run.

Please feel free to check out these 30-sec videos on how our business intelligence software works:

Improve team performance by using Bilflo

We totally believe that many mistakes are technical and unintentional, but they can be costly for businesses. In fact, according to the IRS, 40% of small to mid-sized businesses face IRS penalties related to incorrect and delayed payroll filing.  But what, exactly, are the mistakes that happen during the payroll process?  Here are the 3 most expensive payroll errors and how to avoid them.

Most Expensive Payroll Errors

  • Depositing employment taxes late
    • It’s important to be crystal clear on employment tax due dates.
  • Mis-classifying employees and contractors
    • It’s crucial to make sure you understand each classification and classify every person you hire correctly straight out of the gate.
  • Processing payroll using the wrong state
    • If you have employees that work in different states, keep accurate payroll records and organize your files based on the state they work at and NOT where your office is based.

We know that no business wants to spend its hard-earned revenue on payroll penalties. But when you process payroll manually, you’re leaving a lot of room for human error. 

Our team at Bilflo helps staffing companies automate their back-office workload such as timekeeping and payroll to reduce these costly errors and streamline your existing processes.

Bilflo ensures that our timekeeping software handles different timecard options and is fully customizable to meet your organization’s needs, we also handle overtime calculations in all 50 states to help you stay compliant by only showing state-applicable overtime rules.

Aside from this, we take automation to the next level by combining it with Business Intelligence to provide you meaningful insights to make data-driven decisions.

Feel free to take 3 minutes for a preview of Bilflo.

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Utilize Automation To Ease Workloads and Improve Outcomes

Covid 19 has greatly impacted most businesses in terms of productivity and revenue. The focus for 2022 for most organizations, will be all about recovery and resilience. Organizations are looking for ways in which automation can help make the business run more efficiently and support employees in their work. Here are two technologies we believe, staffing companies should invest in to be successful in 2022:

Technologies to Invest

1. Use Business Process Automation

Once you start your journey towards using business process automation, you see that the automation you use – while helpful – isn’t intelligent. It’ll do the job you need it to, but to take automation to the next level, you need to introduce business intelligence.

2. Invest in Business Intelligence

One of the ways to improve resiliency is through understanding how your business is truly operating. Business Intelligence can help you understand your organization’s overall health and help you easily spot inefficiencies, market trends, and opportunities. 

Business Process Automation and Business Intelligence work hand in hand

In the coming years, we will see more organizations use business process automation to streamline their current processes – especially the manual ones – to see where real value can be delivered. On the other hand, Business Intelligence gives organizations meaningful insights to make data driven decisions.

By investing in these two capabilities, you can help create a strong foundation to ensure your processes work to support and advance your plans. These technologies will become the norm by 2025 and businesses that make an early start on adopting them will be at a huge advantage over their more competitors.

At Bilflo, we combined business process automation and business intelligence to help staffing companies scale their back office with ease while getting the business intelligence you need to manage your staffing company.

See how our integrated solution works by checking out our resources:

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Staffing Industry in 2022

Where will the Staffing industry stand in 2022?

Most companies are scaling up the use of data science and expediting their digital transformation to deploy technologies like Business Process Automation and Business Intelligence in the workplace to improve their processes and people analytics. 

Business Process Automation:

Business Process Automation can help amplify productivity by taking on mundane data entry tasks so that employees can focus on more creative and high-value work. As a result, there are more opportunities for workers to upskill in a new field in which they may excel. In a recent study, 34% of business leaders said business processes automation can help free up time for more meaningful, valuable work.

Business Intelligence (BI):

Organizations are unknowingly sitting on a goldmine of data. However, ‘data’ without insights is meaningless. Businesses need the right tools in order to ensure that data acquires meaning. Using data for people analytics can help drive better business results, improve workforce management, create more efficient systems, develop better client and contractor experience and create a quantitative impact on their bottom line.

Employee Experience

There is no doubt that Employee experience will continue to be a top priority for HR professionals. A recent study shows that 49% of employees will quit their jobs when they experience just 2 payroll issues. Ensuring that your employees are compensated correctly and on time builds trust, loyalty and as a result turnover rates decrease. 

Spot Bonus Programs

“Spot Bonus” programs dramatically increased in 2021 as a way to combine short-term employee retention and performance objectives. Some companies offer sign-on bonuses or salary increase after a certain period of time to recognize new employees who have made a commitment to the organization.

At Bilflo, we help staffing industry streamline their back-office processes while providing them the business intelligence they need to grow their business.

Please feel free to watch this 2 minutes video on how our software works.

Bilflo Feature Highlights

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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in personal and professional challenges, and the ability to have honest conversations in the workplace is crucial now more than ever. A possible contributor to this year’s so-called “Great Resignation” is the lack of empathy in the workplace. 

Ernst & Young’s 2021 Empathy in Business Survey showed more than 50% of employees quit a previous job because their boss wasn’t empathetic to their struggles at work or in their personal lives. On the other hand, nearly 90% of workers who were queried believe empathetic leadership creates loyalty, and 85% say that it increases productivity.

According to Steve Payne, EY Americas Vice Chair – Consulting, their research finds that empathy is not only a nice-to-have but the glue and accelerant for business transformation in the next era of business. Empathy’s ability to create a culture of trust and innovation is unmatched, and this previously overlooked trait must be at the forefront of businesses across all industries.

The research shows that Empathy improves employee satisfaction and decreases turnover rates, but there are tangible business benefits to prioritizing empathy in the workplace too. The research shows increase in the following:

  • Efficiency (87%)
  • Creativity (87%)
  • Innovation (86%)
  • Company revenue (81%)

Based on the research, here are the top initiatives that would help employees feel more comfortable having open discussions with a boss include:

  • Having regularly scheduled one-on-ones 
  • Providing opportunities to give anonymous feedback 
  • Participating in team-building exercises
  • Receiving frequent reminders that they’re in a safe space to have open discussions
  • Participating in training/communication workshops about having open discussions

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When Do Employees Start Job Hunting?

Yes, you read that right. According to IORG, 90% of the online data in the world was generated in the last 2 years.

This is because of the new technologies we have such as Social Media, Internet-connected devices such as voice navigation, google maps, wearable technology (fitness tracker) just to name a few.

Though this doesn’t directly impact staffing agencies, have you ever wondered how much data your staffing company has generated, and are you able to make read and translate this data to gain insights?

At Bilflo, we consolidate and track sales & recruiting activity, time & rates from various systems and unify sales and gross profit to provide you with Business Intelligence for individuals, team performance, and the overall organizational health.  You can easily generate valuable insights to see which part of your business is doing well by using predetermined filters or create as many filters as you need to effectively manage your business.

Bilflo helps you make data-driven decisions that have a dramatic impact on your bottom line and the overall growth of your company. And with Bilflo’s (Web-based) software, you can freely manage your business anytime, anywhere!

If you would like to find out more information about how Bilflo can benefit your business, you can request a Discovery Session and see it in action for yourself.

Under the FLSA, employers must pay overtime wages for any overtime worked—authorized or not. Failure to do so could land business owners with an expensive penalty, a lawsuit, or even jail time.

According to the Department of Labor, violators of federal overtime rules may be prosecuted criminally and can be fined up to $10,000. Repeat offenders can be imprisoned and are subject to civil money penalties of up to $1,100 per violation.

Avoiding Overtime Penalties

  • The best way to deal with overtime penalties is to not incur them in the first place. The easiest way to do this is to track employee hours and ensure that any employee working overtime gets paid accurately.
  • Implement an overtime policy that should state when you allow overtime, how to get overtime authorized, and what happens when workers ignore the policy. It should include clear instructions and consequences for employees, managers, and supervisors.
  • Automate your back-office processes to minimize errors that can lead to miscalculation of regular and overtime hours.

At Bilfo, we believe that there should be specific software to manage your back-office while providing you with Business Intelligence that you need to grow your business.

Bilflo helps you stay compliant by only showing state-applicable overtime rules in all 50 states and automatically calculates your employee’s pay. This means no room for errors and definitely no penalties!!!

If you are interested in learning more about Bilflo’s back-office management and Business Intelligence tool, schedule a Discovery Session with our qualified team today.

No matter how small or big the number of employees at your business is, it would help if you considered opting for automation with your staffing services. 

Despite growing fears that automation would replace everything from temporary workers to highly educated professionals, it should be underlined that the majority of the automated benefit will be realized in the need to educate, rather than remove, the new workforce. Plus, as made obvious by COVID-19, there is a growing need to outsource new talent at a faster pace in order to keep up with the diversifying needs of a consumer base that has also been transformed due to the circumstances.

When you opt for automation in your staffing services, you get everything from A-Z. In a way, staffing automation encompasses a lot, from automatically sending messages to changing internal information to analyzing the post-hire experience. Hence, this gives your employees more time on meaningful and productive activities like driving tangible growth and improving connections, rather than non-productive and repetitive tasks. 

Read more

Automating repetitive business processes frees up your administrative staff for tasks that are less mundane or more valuable than those that can be completed by machines and software.

Automation is becoming a common element of every business. This is why more and more staffing and recruiting firms turn to automation as well as adopting Business Intelligence to streamline their current processes.

Organizations that opt-out of automation software are unknowingly giving a competitive advantage to their competitors.

Software Automation and Business Intelligence (BI) work hand in hand in reducing labor costs and providing business insights to help you grow your business.

Automation helps BI to collate all workforce and sales data giving you access to actionable insights that are specific to a particular challenge you are trying to solve. With this in your arsenal, there will be no element of guesswork and you can clearly see valuable insights into the operations of your business, customized to your immediate needs.

Here are some of the advantages of using automation and business intelligence:

Make more informed decisions

Effective business intelligence can enable managers to make more informed, data-driven decisions. These decisions can be made with far more confidence, too, and can help reduce the level of risk. Decisions can also be made far quicker than before, which saves valuable time and money.

Cut costs and remove inefficient spending

Automation cuts down labor costs by automating repetitive and labor-intensive tasks and as a result, your administrators can focus on more meaningful and business-impacting work.

Spot inefficient business processes

Automation and Business Intelligent helps organizations have better control over their processes and standard operating procedures, as the visibility of these functions is improved. The days of skimming through hundreds of pages of annual reports to assess performance are long gone. Business Intelligence illuminates all areas of your organization helps you to readily identify areas for improvement and allow you to be prepared instead of reactive.

At Bilflo, we believe that every staffing company should have access to both to reach their full potential.

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to schedule a Discovery Session with our team today.

Alternatively, you can check our resources to learn more about our services.

Manually processing timecards has always been difficult for administrators. It requires a great amount of attention to detail and patience, especially when correcting errors.

Correcting errors is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but it is a whole different story when it comes to forgetful employees.

Without the employee timecard, it is particularly difficult for your back office team to determine the number of hours an employee has worked. If an employee has failed to submit a timecard, your HR or administrative team has to go through the tedious process of individually following up with your employee to submit their timecards thus delaying client billing and increasing the HR labor costs.

With the help of Bilflo, administrators can see the missing time cards for all week-ending dates and send email reminders with one click. Saving you and your team valuable time and money.

It also gives companies flexibility on how and when they will bill their clients. Choose to invoice only when all of the employees in an invoice group have approved time, or create the invoice with the approved timecards you have on hand to avoid delayed client billing. Once the late timecard has been submitted and approved, another invoice can be created with one more click.

You can check this quick video on how to do this on our platform.