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Time Collection

With multiple time collection methods to handle every client need, Bilflo sends reminder emails to contractors and client approvers with ease. Manage contractors’ timecards in real time to produce accurate invoices, paychecks, and reports.


Never miss invoicing for time paid again. With one click, create and deliver invoices to clients, with contractor timecards automatically attached. Invoice for conversions and direct hires to get the full picture of your sales and gross profit.


Track sales and GP by any custom field in real time, over any date range, by contract and direct hire, for you or any combination of your producers, with reports that are actually easy to use.


Easily manage your production team with Bilflo’s integrated performance management system. Aggregate metrics from different sources as well as Bilflo’s built-in metrics and set goals for individuals and teams.


Minimize human error by integrating Bilflo into your software suite. Programmatically pull in job data from your ATS, export time data to your payroll provider, and export invoice data to your accounting system.


Run your back office with less time and effort. Bilflo automatically sends timecard status emails to contractors and client approvers. Enjoy one-click invoicing and delivery, and automatically retrieve performance data from third-party sources.

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