Automate Your Staffing Agency

With Bilflo, you can automate every back-office task and manage hundreds of contractors and direct hires from one simple platform. Save time and labor while doing more for your business.

Viewing sales and gross profit by candidate source for Ziprecruiter

The ability to see GP by temp, by client, in real time, is life changing for us.

Amy W. - Extension Recruiting

Automate every service offering

Bilflo handles the complexities of 2 unique service offerings, managed in one platform to give you a complete view of your company.

Bilflo contract clock


Manage contractors, automatically invoice, send data to payroll and accounting, and view reports.

Bilflo direct-hire crosshairs

Direct Hire

Process placements, automatically invoice, track payments and commissions, and view reports.

The Bilflo Process

How Does Bilflo Work?

Bilflo tracks sales and recruiting activity, consolidates time and rates from various systems, and unifies sales and gross profit data. With all of this data in one place you get an accurate overview of your contractors, team members, and organizational health.

Bilflo diagram
An illustration of Bilflo integrations like Bullhorn, Quickbooks, ADP, and SmartSearch

    Bilflo plays well with your software

    Bilflo works with your existing applicant tracking, payroll, and accounting systems through open APIs to save time, reduce errors, and minimize data entry.

    Applicant Tracking



    *Only showing most popular software integrations. Contact us to see if we integrate with your software.

    Check Compatibility

    Manage your team’s performance quickly and efficiently

    Drive your team’s performance leveraging data drawn from external sources aggregated with Bilflo’s built-in metrics. Set time-bound goals, and Bilflo will create personal production dashboards for any date range. Display metrics on bullpen dashboards to create healthy competition for your team.

    An illustration of Bilflo's metrics dashboard.
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    Get answers anytime

    Run your business with real-time data

    Dynamic reports

    Run real-time reports and drill down to as much detailed data as you need.

    Dream data

    Easily track sales and GP by any custom field to see your ROI.

    Flexible insights

    Service offerings are built into every report so you can easily see individual or combined data.

    Smart analytics

    Compare data year over year, analyze gross margin, and so much more.


    Business owner writing down notes on paper.

    Owners & Managers

    From performance management to easy-to-use reports, Bilflo has everything owners and managers need to run their team well.

    Payroll administrator typing on laptop

    Payroll Administrators

    Streamline the entire back-office through an integrated system that handles every step of the process.

    Individual contributors meeting about business

    Individual Contributors

    Team members see personal metrics reports, GP reports for any date range, and bullpen leader dashboards.