Transform Your Staffing Agency with Automation

Transform your staffing agency with automation Bilflo ebook cover
What's in this eBook?

As many recruiters can attest, one of the most annoying and time intensive parts of the job is migrating data from one platform to another. Whether it’s taking data from billing and moving it into payroll, or
taking candidate information and re-entering it into any number of different softwares, the job sometimes seems to be more data entry than actual recruiting. The reason is that many agencies are using legacy systems for each specific pillar of their business and so information becomes siloed. This lack of integration between platforms is clunky, error prone and inconvenient.

A thriving recruiting or staffing firm is one that is constantly adapting to an ever changing business environment. The pace of technological innovation simply doesn’t allow for anyone to rest on their laurels and expect to succeed. At the core of these advancements, is the ability to do more with less by
automating many of the most redundant, laborious, and time consuming tasks. In fact, the key to success in this modern landscape will rely on how effectively staffing agencies can harness technology to free up
their employees time, so that they can focus more on generating revenue and less on menial tasks.

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