Owners & Managers

Access the information you need to intelligently manage your team

Manage your sales and recruiting teams

If you want to know how your team or individual contributor performed last year, last month, this morning, or any date range, you can run an easy-to-read report in an instant.

Managers love knowing that their team members will see the same report when they log into Bilflo. Setting goals for each metric is easy and clear for both your and your team members.

An illustration of Bilflo's metrics dashboard.
An illustration of Bilflo performance management dashboards.

Create healthy competition in your team

Display custom dashboards to deliver information in real time to your sales and recruiting teams in an accessible way.

Specifically designed for common areas, bullpen dashboards are fully customizable and utilize the same metrics that you’ve already set up for your production people.

Best of all, bullpen dashboards update in real time so once they’re configured, you never need to touch them again.

Track your GP any way you want

Because Bilflo handles direct hire and contract invoicing as well as contractor pay, you can get burdened and actual gross profit reports in real time, for any team member, over any date range, across all service offerings.

Get ROI insights for anything imaginable by utilizing Bilflo’s custom fields to track Sales and GP.

Whether you use split GP or whole-dollar GP and have one or ten different ways you want to track your gross profit, Bilflo can handle it all--and deliver that data to your team members at a glance.

An illustration of Bilflo report sales and gross profit by each team member.