Payroll Administrators

Scale up your company as you scale down your back office admin labor

See the big picture

With the contractors’ overview page, you can view everything you need to know about every contractor who’s on assignment.

Are you wondering how many hours he worked this week? Did he use sick time? Has her time card been approved yet? Who is her sales rep?

It’s all there, for each and every contractor, in real time.

An illustration of Bilflo's contract overview page.
An illustration of a Bilflo production timecard.

Save a forest--and a whole lot of time

Document management is simplified with Bilflo. Say goodbye to using paper for time cards, adding machines, expense reports, invoices--and the labor-intensive scanning, collating, and space-consuming file cabinets that go along with it.

With Bilflo, timecards, expense reports, and invoices can all be electronic.

What used to take days to accomplish, Bilflo does with a few simple clicks of a button.

Manage time cards in multiple ways

Bilflo adapts to clients’ different methods of timekeeping. Many love Bilflo’s electronic system with clock-in/clock-out timekeeping, email reminders, manager approval, automatic calculations, and time card totals exported to your accounting software.

For clients who use their own timekeeping system, Bilflo’s versatile capabilities allow for bulk time card processing with manual input.

Others want their contractors to download a copy of their time card and input their own total hours into your system.

Bilflo’s flexibility allows you to serve your clients’ individual needs.

An illustration of Bilflo missing timecards.
An illustration of Bilflo's create invoices page.

Invoice however your customer wants

Some customers want individual invoices for each contractor, while others want bulk invoices. And many customers want their invoices sent by email, while some want to receive paper invoices.

With Bilflo’s capabilities, you can make everyone happy with ease--and it’s all searchable at the click of a button.