Individual Contributors

Boost your team’s performance with clear metrics and goals

Give your production team every metric they need to perform

Sales reps and recruiters love checking their production dashboard, which displays metric values set up by your managers individually for them.

Every metric displays a visible goal so team members objectively know where they stand.

Using APIs, Bilflo aggregates these production metrics in real time from sources like your ATS, phone system, and Bilflo’s own built-in metrics.

An illustration of Bilflo metrics dashboard
An illustration of Bilflo performance management dashboards.

Create healthy competition in your team

Bilflo’s customizable dashboard displays whatever goals, date range, and metrics your manager has set up for both individuals and the entire team.

Your individual contributors will be challenged to perform when the dashboard shows in real time where they stack up with other team members.

Give your individual contributors insight into their customers’ history and performance

Bilflo is user friendly–it’s simple and self-explanatory for your team members to use. Because Bilflo tracks what commissions are due, your individual contributors can see when they’re going to get paid in real time.

An illustration of Bilflo report sales and gross profit by each team member.