Employee Management Features

Enhance Operations with Efficient Employee Management

  • Worker Login

    Your workers are able to log into Bilflo to manage their personal information, their payroll information, see their sick and vacation balances. They can also submit their time and expenses through the mobile-friendly website or our native mobile app.

  • Work Status Tracking

    Automatically track your workers’ employment status over time to give you the data necessary to comply with the Affordable Care Act reporting requirements. Whether full-time, part-time, or terminated, Bilflo keeps track of all your employees’ employment statuses.

  • Personal Information

    Bilflo acts as your employees’ human resource information system (HRIS). Store their personal information, and easily run reports to analyze your workforce.

  • Custom Fields

    Bilflo easily extends any information with custom fields. Track additional information that is unique to your business and easily report on it.

  • Tax Information

    Bilflo stores and tracks employee payroll tax information so you can easily gather and pass that information to your payroll system for a seamless integration between your time and payroll systems.

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Time & Attendance Features

Time Tracking Solutions You Can Trust

  • Timecard Management

    Bilflo’s seamless timecard management system keeps you in control of all of your contractors' work hours and so much more, helping you reduce errors and save precious back-office time.

  • Reminders / Notifications

    Automatically send reminders and notifications to your workforce and streamline the process of collecting timecard submittals and approvals.

  • Missing Time

    Keep track of your workforce’s missing timecards across any date range, all in one place. Manage and send missing timecard reminders in bulk with just a few clicks and see when your employees were last contacted at a glance.

  • Approvals

    Allow your team to set internal and external contacts as timecard approvers for your employees, unlocking flexibility in workforce management across multiple industries and workplace scenarios.

  • Missing Approvals

    Bilflo’s dedicated Missing Approval feature empowers your team to manage and send missing approval reminders in bulk. See when your approvers were last contacted to ensure proper notifications.

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