Performance Management Features

Metrics Tracking You Can Count On

  • Aggregate Metrics Across Diverse Software

    • Create and track metrics from both Bilflo and external applications with open APIs
    • Utilize live querying and historical data storage for up-to-date and comprehensive reporting
    • Differentiate between sum and balance metrics, data types, precision levels, and favorable values (lower or higher)
  • Create Metric Sets

    • Create groups of metrics with specific goals and date ranges
    • Apply metric sets to multiple employees quickly, saving time during onboarding or role changes
  • Individualize Your Metrics

    • Customize metrics for each employee, allowing for granular control over assigned metrics, date ranges, and goals
    • Override metric sets when necessary to tailor metrics to individual employee needs

Goal Tracking

Metrics alone aren't enough to drive business growth; setting goals against these metrics is crucial. Bilflo’s Performance Management makes it simple to assign goals to individuals or teams, giving everyone the data they need to meet targets and enhance productivity.

Non-Destructive and Date-Bound Goals:

  • Set goals with specific date ranges to track progress over time
  • Maintain historical snapshots of employee performance against goals without compromising data integrity
  • Adapt to changing goals while preserving the history of past goals and achievements


Bilflo’s Performance Management Dashboards offer a visually appealing and powerful way to display both real-time and historical data. Combined with Bilflo’s Metric and Goal Tracking, these dashboards provide a comprehensive view of performance metrics and goals for any specified date range.

Personalized Dashboards

  • Intuitive interface to create and customize up to 16 charts per dashboard
  • Select metrics, dynamic date ranges, and visualization preferences for each chart
  • Create multiple dashboards tailored to different data needs and employee roles


  • Foster friendly competition with leaderboards that update in real-time based on dashboard data

Sharable Dashboards

  • Share dashboard links with employees or display dashboards on large monitors in office environments
  • Ensure everyone has access to the same performance data

Real-Time Dashboards

  • Automatically refresh dashboards up to every 5 minutes to display the most current data

Bilflo's Performance Management suite provides a robust and flexible platform for tracking, goal-setting, and visualizing performance metrics. With features designed to cater to both managers and employees, it ensures everyone is aligned and working towards common goals, fostering a culture of transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement.

Ready to Step Up Your Performance Management?