7 Best Staffing Software Tools in 2022

Anna Aguilar
March 22, 2022

The world has recently seen one of the greatest increases in job-hopping in recent memory. According to a Resumebuilder.com poll, about 23% of employees will seek new jobs in 2022. This represents a huge challenge for companies and staffing firms as they are now required to fill more open positions than they ever have in the past. Luckily, technology has made it easier in many ways to source, manage, and onboard applicants and new hires. The issue for HR departments or staffing agencies is choosing the right technology/software tools for their business so that they can ease the burden of hiring on their staff and make better decisions in regards to bringing new employees on board. 

In this guide, we hope to provide some guidance into the best staffing software tools on the market today.


This powerful software was created to integrate your current front office (ATS, CRM) with back-office processes (Payroll, Accounting, Time Management) to automate data entry, which helps you save time and money. Sales and recruitment activity is consolidated and tracked in Bilflo, along with rates and time from different systems. In addition, sales and gross profit information is unified in real-time.


  • ATS Integration – Bilflo APIs (Application Program Interface) communicate seamlessly with your ATS by bulk retrieving information and transferring it to your backend so you can avoid hours of manual data entry.
  • Timecard and Expense Management – The system effortlessly remember and calculates vacation and sick days, and it tracks per diem charges and generates expense reports for you. It also automates the timecard approval process. 
  • Real-time Reporting – This is great for staffing and recruiting agencies because Bilflo handles direct hire and contract payroll and invoicing, which means you will be able to get gross profit reports in real-time for any team member, over any period of time, for any service offering. These reports help recruiters to find where payments are falling through the cracks.


JobAdder is a leading cloud-based recruitment software solution that helps the agency and in-house recruiters find and manage talent more effectively through automation. JobAdder’s flexible powerful technology works with existing recruitment processes and HR systems to offer a seamless experience. 


  • Web Driven Timesheets – Configure and format timesheets, enter payroll start dates and time-increments, log in to timesheets from any device and receive automated reminders. 
  • Recruit on the go – Take care of the recruitment process on the move with the voice-to-text functionality, applicant screening and smart reminders. Access the system anytime with the range of mobile recruiting apps, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5 
  • Easy Access to Job Boards – Facilitate easy access to prominent job posting boards and social media sites. Track every applicant with automatic source tagging and make the hiring process faster. 


This software provides a suite of human resources software aimed specifically at growing businesses. BambooHR’s ATS tool component can be customized to fit each team’s needs and is designed to make information easy to find for all stakeholders. It also offers the advantage of being able to integrate with a much larger HR suite that handles compensation management, onboarding, time tracking, and performance management.


  • Accessibility – it’s available in mobile, desktop and cloud-based formats. Teams can view resumes, answer candidate questions, and provide ratings and feedback from home, the beach, or really anywhere. 
  • Robust Team Collaboration – their software allows for enhanced collaboration between hiring teams with automated alerts and in-system messaging to ensure continuous communication. It centralizes candidate data that is delivered instantly to desktops and mobiles. 
  • Enhanced Onboarding Experience – Bamboo does a great job with managing the transition from applicant to employee. Recruiters can customize new hire packets that include information about their first day, an introduction to their new team, and onboarding tasks so they will be ready to start as soon as they arrive.


This all-in-one tool allows recruiters and HR pros to easily manage daily tasks in payroll, benefits, talent, and workforce management. Their system is intuitive and easy to use.


  • Customize Processes – Paylocity allows you to delegate responsibilities to recruiters and hiring managers while configuring custom workflows that automate the approval process.  
  • Compensation management – the data and insights from your compensation management program can help you customize merit plans based on your pay cycles. Affirm alignment with company goals by allocating budget and participant eligibility for the plans. Develop automated approval processes and guidelines to ensure the strategy is followed.
  • Recruiting Analytics – this software has a very powerful analytics engine that helps identify bottlenecks, forecasts time-to-hire, gives you cost-to-hire metrics and much more with interactive dashboards that allow you to visualize data simply. 


A complete solution for recruitment, Workable provides applicant management tools, processes, and automation, all in one place. Their interface is user–friendly, easy to keep track of candidates.


  • AI Recruiter – As you create your job, AI Recruiter scans your job description for the best passive and existing candidates.
  • Anonymized Screening – Improve hiring inclusivity by anonymizing candidate information. This feature is easy to turn on and helps remove bias during the initial CV screening.
  • Pre-Employment Testing – They remove the need to work with an assessments provider – choose from 5 personality and cognitive assessments, right in the job editor. Recruiters can leave feedback in one unified place without leaving the candidate timeline.


Bullhorn Recruitment CRM is a SaaS based solution that offers a suite of features typical of applicant tracking systems: a mobile app, batch or mass communication with potential candidates via multiple channels, instantaneous posting to multiple job boards, resume parsing, and data and document uploading.


  • Resume Parsing – this feature helps recruiters automatically extract the most needed information from resumes to help save time and improve efficiency
  • Email Inbox Gadget – this helps recruiters better manage the endless amount of emails they receive. This allows you to view emails according to the info that you have in the platform. You can take action from your email instead of having to toggle between that and the platform. 
  • Compliance Automation – this feature allows your team to stay GDPR and CCPA compliant automatically by collecting initial and ongoing consent and sharing privacy policies with every candidate at the right time 

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based ATS. This product offers features typical of applicant tracking systems: a user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards, batch or mass communication with potential candidates via multiple channels such as email or by leveraging its integration with social networking sites (e.g., LinkedIn) and commonly used applications (e.g., Outlook, Google Apps), posting to multiple job boards and a branded company career page, and resume parsing. 


  • AI Job Matching Assistance – this feature helps quickly identify talent and provides behavioral assessments of candidates, and uses AI to score and better help you select the right talent.
  • Hiring Pipeline Management – this tool helps recruiters better visualize how many candidates are in each stage of a job search. This 360-degree view is fully customizable.
  • Candidate Portal – Bring candidates directly to your recruitment system and qualify suitable candidates. Candidates can apply to a specific job, submit information for future opportunities and track job status.

Best Staffing Software Tools: Conclusion

There are many great staffing software tools on the market today, but only a select few will be great for your particular business. There will always be trade-offs when selecting a technology, so it is important to know what fits in best with your staff and objectives.