Bilflo Now Integrates with Bullhorn and JobAdder to Reduce Back Office Work

Anna Aguilar
August 3, 2022

Bilflo has long been giving staffing companies the tools they need to reduce back office work. Our back office solution software lets organizations automate labor-intensive back office tasks and consolidate data into one place for a clear and accurate overview of their operations. The end result? Teams regain critical bandwidth to grow their business.

Bilflo was designed with ease in mind. We offer open APIs to integrate within your current business ecosystem, and we already interface with your front and back office jobs so that you can work more efficiently and effectively.

At Bilflo, we’re constantly innovating to serve our companies better. To continue this track record of success, we’re excited to announce that Bilflo now integrates with Bullhorn and JobAdder to improve and reduce back office work for staffing companies.

Bilflo Offers Customization for Bullhorn SMB Customers

Stacking Bilflo with Bullhorn recruitment agency software offers existing Bullhorn SMB customers access to more advanced features. For example, our office backend stack offers:

  • Electronic, VMS, and more timecard options
  • Accounting and payroll integrations
  • Real-time sales and gross profit reporting

Clients will also be able to automatically send company, candidate, and placement data from Bullhorn straight into Bilflo. There’s no need to enter data twice or import/export spreadsheets.

Due to the limited mid and back-office management integration partners, Bilflo desires to enhance Bullhorn tools in 2 key tech stack areas: 1) customization for SMB customers and 2) Back Office limitations.

Essentially, we will create a pipeline for the underserved SMB segment, which will eventually upgrade to Bullhorn One.

An immediate benefit they will notice when coming upon Bilflo:

  • Bilflo provides an affordable & quicker entry point as compared to BH1
    • BH1 targets $50M + 40 recruiters minimum  
    • BH1 implementation rate estimates ~ $200K 
    • BH1 implementation timeline < 4-6 months

Bilflo Compliments Bullhorn’s Back Office Limitations 

In a rapidly growing healthcare industry where you’re dealing with per diems, locum tenens, and project-based work, among other issues, you want things as seamless as possible. That’s why Bilflo created processes that work synergistically where Bullhorn is comparatively weak. This includes:

  • Adding custom Pay Billable Items per contractor (ex. 5 different pay & bill rates)
  • Flexible time collection options
  • Track PO balance and burn rate
  • Real-time Actual Sales & GP tracking and reporting
  • Calculating commissions via actual GP reporting
  • Serving CA timecards (meal breaks, overnights)


In the same way Bilflo was built out to complement existing business ecosystems from the start and with the recently added compatibility with Bullhorn, soon, you’ll be able to send company, candidate, and placement data automatically from JobAdder to Bilflo directly. This should help you increase efficiency and onboard people like never before. Learn more about JobAdder integration with Bilflo on Youtube.


Because Bilflo offered open APIs from the start, integration with your existing software has always been a high priority. With the addition of the integrations for Bullhorn and JobAdder, more organizations than ever can now benefit from the ease of use and automation of back-office tasks Bilflo provides. If you’re a staffing company looking to save time and money on administrative tasks so you can focus on what you do best, it’s time to give Bilflo serious consideration.

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