Enhanced Employee Support & Satisfaction

Kevin Nguyen
October 28, 2021

The more we dive into the issues surrounding the staffing industry, the more we realized that paycheck issues directly affect employee morale and satisfaction, therefore affecting the company’s bottom line. 

A study by the Founder of Comprehensive Coaching shows that the morale of an employee is directly linked to profitability. Low morale–low profits. High morale–high profits. (Simple as that…)

This is because the less engaged your team is, the less productive they become and vice versa. 

Low employee morale can also turn into high turnover and it is disconcerting because of its tremendous impact both financially and on productivity levels. 

One simple yet effective thing you can do to avoid low employee morale is to ensure that your employees are compensated accurately and on time. (No doubt about it…)

At Bilflo, we made it our mission to create innovative tools that help staffing companies automate their back-office processes to avoid payroll errors that can be caused by manual processes while providing you business intelligence that you need to identify trends and grow your business.

Here are our key features:

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