Factors that Drive Staffing Firm Automation

Kevin Nguyen
October 20, 2021

Factors that Drive Staffing Firm Automation

The value derived from investing in business processes and automation solutions Is difficult to dispute as it is proven to increase efficiencies, save time and money, and eliminate errors, among many other benefits, for companies across industries and of varying sizes.

Surprisingly, many companies are still relying on outdated processes and systems – or are failing to capitalize on the full benefits of automation. According to the 2018 North American Staffing & Recruiting Trends Report, more than a third (35 percent) of staffing firms don’t automate during the prospecting, client engagement, or account management stages; and about 40 percent don’t automate candidate selection, screening, or nurturing at all.

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the way staffing firms do business. The swift and sudden changes forced on the industry turned the slow and steady evolution into a digital revolution. Many staffing firms have already adopted some form of automation in their day-to-day businesses.

However, many of staffing firm fail in using automation software due to little to no planning. They’ve implemented automation tools that are too complex and difficult to understand.

SIA posted an article on the factors that businesses have to consider before automating their processes. 

  • Identify what your expected outcome is and plan your strategy based on your expected outcome. 
  • Once you have identified your strategy, assign an expert to lead the process of identifying, selecting, and implementing the solution. 
  • Research whether the solution resolves the problem and involve and make sure that you are getting all the benefits of your selected solution. 

In summary, automation software can boost a staffing firm’s efficiency while driving productivity when used correctly and to its full potential. 

Bilflo automates your current process and offers premium software integration to connect with your current ATS, CRM, & Accounting tools; eliminating the need to overhaul or disrupt your day-to-day operations.   

In the end, all of your workforce data is aggregated into one system so you can make holistic, data-driven business decisions while decreasing costs and increasing profits. 

With an automated, transparent, and streamlined process, you can:

  • Build trust and increase your employees’ satisfaction by ensuring that your team is compensated accurately.
  • Reduce back-office workload and labor cost by taking the pain out of managing employee time and manual data entry.
  • Manage your business for growth and success with our business intelligence tools.

Our goal is not only to make the process easier for you but to also empower your team in the work they do with contractors. Whether you need to store client agreements, split hire fees, or save offer letters, Bilflo is there to fulfill you and your team’s needs.

So what are you waiting for? Start automating your business with Bilflo.

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