How To Improve Recruiters Performance?

Kevin Nguyen
November 11, 2021

Recruitment processes that are efficient, productive, and pleasant for both candidates and hiring teams will surely improve your recruiters’ performance. Let’s take a look at some ways you can boost recruiter performance quickly.

Improve Recruiters Performance: Introduce healthy competition

Let your recruiters see their real-time individual and team performance allowing them to gain insights into their work contributions and encourage fun and healthy competitions between departments

Many employees are motivated by elements other than money and incentives, such as recognition, challenges, and empowerment which can easily be done through individual contribution tracking.

Keep the competition fresh by updating your team in real-time, whether on a digital dashboard or a whiteboard in your office.

Streamline work processes

Wouldn’t you agree that manual back-office processes are mundane? 

Workplace productivity does not only refer to getting things done but more so, the time spent by your employees on things that actually matter.

Repetitive jobs are great for automation, and with so much new technology available, there’s no excuse to keep wasting time on them.  Automation doesn’t mean having to replace human work altogether but instead gives efficiency to the job that needs to be done.

Utilize business intelligence

Seeing the proof in numbers can often clarify the big picture for your recruiters. Use a business intelligence tool that collects your sales and workforce in easy-to-read formats. Having clear data on your organization’s sales and performance will help you identify inefficiencies and address them accordingly.

If you want to better utilize the skills and potential of your recruiters, then we might just have what you need at Bilflo. 

With Bilflo’s automation and business intelligence software, you can work with your staff to figure out what your top-performing teams are doing and how you can build on their achievements. Through this, you create a culture that acknowledges and promotes individual effort and problem-solving and promotes technique-sharing that’s beneficial for everybody in the long run.

Please feel free to check out these 30-sec videos on how our business intelligence software works:

Improve team performance by using Bilflo