Staffing Industry in 2022

Kevin Nguyen
November 10, 2021

Where will the Staffing industry stand in 2022?

Most companies are scaling up the use of data science and expediting their digital transformation to deploy technologies like Business Process Automation and Business Intelligence in the workplace to improve their processes and people analytics. 

Business Process Automation:

Business Process Automation can help amplify productivity by taking on mundane data entry tasks so that employees can focus on more creative and high-value work. As a result, there are more opportunities for workers to upskill in a new field in which they may excel. In a recent study, 34% of business leaders said business processes automation can help free up time for more meaningful, valuable work.

Business Intelligence (BI):

Organizations are unknowingly sitting on a goldmine of data. However, ‘data’ without insights is meaningless. Businesses need the right tools in order to ensure that data acquires meaning. Using data for people analytics can help drive better business results, improve workforce management, create more efficient systems, develop better client and contractor experience and create a quantitative impact on their bottom line.

Employee Experience

There is no doubt that Employee experience will continue to be a top priority for HR professionals. A recent study shows that 49% of employees will quit their jobs when they experience just 2 payroll issues. Ensuring that your employees are compensated correctly and on time builds trust, loyalty and as a result turnover rates decrease. 

Spot Bonus Programs

“Spot Bonus” programs dramatically increased in 2021 as a way to combine short-term employee retention and performance objectives. Some companies offer sign-on bonuses or salary increase after a certain period of time to recognize new employees who have made a commitment to the organization.

At Bilflo, we help staffing industry streamline their back-office processes while providing them the business intelligence they need to grow their business.

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