The Benefits of Using Online Staffing Software

Anna Aguilar
September 21, 2022

One of your objectives as an agency is to streamline the recruiting process in order to meet the demands of your clients as efficiently as possible. 

As your staffing firm grows, you want staffing software that is scalable, cost-effective, simple to use, and accessible anywhere. Here’s where staffing software on the cloud comes in. 

Software as a Service (SaaS), often known as cloud-based software, is software that can be accessed from any location using a web browser and doesn’t require any installation or management of software on a local computer.

Here are some benefits that may be helpful to you if your business is still on the fence regarding cloud-based staffing software:

1. Shouldn’t the front and back offices be friends?

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to access and analyze your workforce and sales data in a unified system of record?

One approach to significantly boost productivity at your staffing firm is to be able to integrate the front and back offices of the business,

2. Self-service is popular with clients and staff.

By enabling your staff and clients to utilize online access, you may relieve your team of the pressure of having to engage in the back-and-forth game of calls, emails, etc. that takes up their time and diverts them from hiring the finest people. 

3. Payroll in no time. Eliminate the headaches.

Even accountants and payroll officials dislike reporting season since it may be a stressful time to verify data accuracy. If you do it the old-fashioned way or are utilizing unfriendly software, it may be a difficult process to meet the urgency of deadlines, such as payroll.

Why not choose a system that consistently meets payroll obligations and is aware of your company’s needs? The fact that staffing software is aware of these and other industry-specific requirements is one of its many appealing features. Additionally, a solid staffing software solution makes sure you can easily export the reports you want into your ERP system without any hassles, which brings us to our next point.

4. It can integrate with other systems.

Adopting a software solution that seamlessly connects with your current company systems will benefit your accounting team. As we indicated above, you might profit from many other facets of your organization, like human resources, recruiting, and more, if you had the capacity to support services beyond payroll. If your various applications don’t communicate with one another, being competitive in the era of cloud-based solutions might mean that your company falls behind the competition.

5. Multi-tenant and frequent releases

Due to the way the cloud works, users of the product are always running the most recent version of the program, which is often patched and updated to satisfy user demands. Instead of needing to wait two or more years between typical software releases, new features are now accessible a few times each year. Another advantage of this is that everyone who uses the cloud software is always using the same version of a release. As a result, there will be no compatibility problems or need for substantial changes.

6. Configuration and Tailored to Users’ Needs

One of the best features of a multi-tenant SaaS system is that it can operate on a subscription model depending on the specific requirements of a firm. This enables such businesses to utilize the software based on usage levels. Because there is no need to buy a license for software that may have more features than a business needs, this saves businesses money compared to a traditional software approach. Businesses may benefit more from this variable pricing approach by being able to manage user counts as needed. With staffing software that is cloud-based, a firm may use what they need when they need it.

Our recommendation

Switching from a traditional to an automated process is a big decision to make for your staffing organization. At Bilflo, we understand the needs of staffing agencies. That’s why Bilflo works with your existing applicant tracking (ATS), payroll, and accounting systems through open APIs to save time, reduce errors, and minimize data entry. 

With Bilflo’s back office automation, you can transform your staffing company, by replacing labor-intensive back-office tasks while fueling the business intelligence you need to scale your company.

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