When Do Employees Start Job Hunting?

Kevin Nguyen
October 29, 2021

There is no question that the secret to keeping your talent encouraged and motivated is to pay them accurately and on time!  (No duh!). HRDrive recently posted a survey from Kronos showing that 49% of American workers will start a new job hunting after experiencing only two problems with their paycheck. While part one of Engaging Employees through Payroll found that 54% of the American workforce — are affected by payroll problems. 

A viable and effective solution to address payroll errors is by automating your back-office processes. It has been proven time and again that automating repetitive tasks not only reduces labor costs but also dramatically increases the efficiency and productivity of an organization.

At Bilflo, we believe there should be a system specifically designed to handle your back office.

Bilflo has been created by a staffing company with over 60 years of experience, we understand the nuances of back-office duties such as timekeeping, timecard approvals, invoicing, and reporting.

It’s modular and can be easily integrated into your current business ecosystem without disrupting your day-to-day operation. We also made sure that our UX is easy-to-navigate that even the non-technical users can manage your back office workflows effortlessly.  

In the end, all of your workforce data is aggregated to help you understand trends and derive insights so you can make data-driven business decisions while decreasing costs and increasing profits.

Feel free to take 3 minutes for a preview of Bilflo.