Why Choose an Integrated Solution over Multiple Point Solutions?

Kevin Nguyen
October 21, 2021

Business integration is a major contributor to growth as it allows organizations to leverage their existing processes, people, technology, and information in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Understanding the fundamental difference between point and integrated solution

Point solutions aim to resolve a single functional gap specific to a channel by using best-of-breed features while an integrated platform, solves multiple use cases and can be rolled out across different business functions. 

An integrated platform makes it easier to meet the current requirements and more flexible in its approach, providing you scalability and flexibility advantages, not to mention the profits, exponential ROI, business growth, and long-term benefits of being future-ready. On the other hand, a point solution while perfectly catering to its value proposition is limited in terms of expansion. Here are some key differences between point and integrated solution :

By integrating a robust tool with your legacy or existing tools, you can easily enhance the power of your systems to streamline business processes and operations.

Here are some of the key benefits of Bilflo’s integrated solutions:

1. Improved Data Accessibility

With the help of system integration, data accessibility becomes easier for people in organizations. This leads to better decision-making, at different levels, which often results in accelerated business growth.

2. Improves employee collaboration and performance

When businesses are well-integrated, improved connectivity will streamline communication between participants of different functions. As a result of this, organizations can easily share more information that was previously difficult, costly, and/or time-consuming to access.

3. Enhance visibility through real-time data and reporting. 

With an integrated software system, problems can be solved and changes can be made with just a few clicks rather than by having to visit multiple systems. 

Bilflo understands the need for integrated solutions rather than multiple point solutions. We provide staffing firms One Integrated Solution designed to fit into their current ecosystem (ATS, CRM, Time Management, Payroll, Accounting).

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