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How Amtec Reduced Labor Costs, Increased Cash Flow, and Scaled their Business

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Amtec, a 60 year old staffing company with 150 to 200 contractors on assignment, provides talent to industries like Healthcare, IT, Aerospace, Construction, and more. Initially, they used multiple systems to coordinate timekeeping, payroll calculations, invoicing, accounting, and reporting. Amtec explains that the substantial company growth led them to switch from paper timekeeping to a more automated and streamlined approach. “We were tired of labor-intensive back office operations to support the company’s growth. We decided to utilize an integrated automation software that could save us considerable time and labor.” That’s where Bilflo came in.


“Back office tasks were a daily grind for our administrative team. Despite our best efforts, our workflows weren’t designed to handle multiple contracts and contractors. We had dedicated people to do back-office tasks such as calculating, approving timecards, client invoicing, and accounting which increased our internal cost.” – Amtec

Business Reporting took days and would require several people to collate the information required to generate meaningful reports. Amtec’s management team recognized the need to invest in scalable solutions to address these issues and grow the company:

  • Automate their back-office workload
  • Incorporate all their workforce data from various systems in a central system.
  • Business Intelligence and Performance Management of the team earned GP, commissions, and sales activity
  • Real-Time, multi-factor reporting with quick views


Bilflo delivered effective, end-to-end workforce solutions. The solutions included:

  • Automation of their back-office processes such as timekeeping, payroll calculations, invoicing, and accounting.
  • Incorporate all their workforce data from various systems in a central system.
  • Aggregation of all workforce data, providing comprehensive real-time business intelligence reporting on internal team performance, branch and customer profitability.
With Bilfo’s Business Intelligence capabilities, we can go straight to the reports I need to make decisions:
  • Sales & GP by client (which projects are most profitable)
  • Sales & GP by source (which job boards are producing the best ROI)
  • Performance Dashboards – Managing the team was so much more efficient, especially when we moved to remote desks across the US.
Jay Ramos

Jay Ramos


“Bilflo has reduced our back-office labor by 75%. We doubled our capacity to over 200 and reduced the labor hours to 15-20 hrs dedicated to paying/invoicing clients. What used to take three to four days to process now only takes one day! This has dramatically helped us run our business. Before Bilflo, it was difficult to see market trends and opportunities. We were making business decisions without timely and accurate data.”


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