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How Extension Automated & Unified Its Back-Office Processes With Bilflo

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Extension is a full recruitment and staffing company based in the Milwaukee WI area providing Direct Hire, Contract, and Temp employees in the field of Professional Admin, IT, Accounting, Finance, to name a few. They handle 125-180 employees per week and they are celebrating their 20th year in the staffing industry this 2022.


Every week, we spent countless hours manually entering data of employee work time, payroll, billing, employee information, and other data processing. Also, there wasn’t a system where we could track payroll, billing, and GP in one place. 

We received a lot of requests from our recruiters to see their real-time performance, but there were some difficulties since we had to load things once a month and pull the data from multiple systems. Thus, this made it really hard for us to calculate commissions and assess the value of clients/candidates. Bullhorn gave us estimates, but it wasn’t giving us accurate data. We had to do a lot of manual corrections to make the data accurate. 

We decided that we need to change our current processes to have a uniform view of our recruits, recruiters, and the overall health of our company.


The founder of Bilflo explained that he encountered the exact issues we were facing in our industry, that he created Bilfo to provide an effective back-office management solution. With Bilflo, we were able to:

  • Automate and have a unified view of our back-office processes such as timekeeping, payroll, invoicing, and accounting.
  • View comprehensive real-time business intelligence reporting.


Extension has saved so much time since coming to Bilflo. Up to 16 hours or more per week has been saved by eliminating manual workload and calculating commissions themselves. 

Now they can see all of their workforce data in a unified view with real-time business intelligence and GP, which helps them understand their business more. Hence, they also saved time by not having to respond to recruiters’ questions as they can view all the data from their end now.

This has facilitated healthy competition between recruiters since they can now see their performance individually.

Amy Westfahl


 “We have saved so much time being in Bilflo. Having the billing done out of it enables us to practice payroll and billing on the same day. It helped us save more than 8 hours per week by eliminating the manual process and pulling data from multiple systems. After using Bilflo, we didn’t have to worry about the data accuracy and candidate-related questions from the recruiters. The ability to see GP by temp, by the client, in real-time, is life-changing for us.”