5 Ways To Reduce No Call / No Shows

5 ways to reduct no call/no shows Bilflo ebook cover
What's in this eBook?

There are many challenges that staffing agencies face daily, but possibly
none carry as much weight as no-call/no-shows. Also known as ghosting, it
can result in real-time damage to your client’s business and real-time
damage to your credibility (and possibly to your business, too).

In more and more instances across the country, candidates complete their
final steps and then disappear from their jobs. Some do so after a day or
two of work, and some before ever showing up. In a market where
employees are gaining power and employers are losing it, this practice
results from many personal reasons unique to each worker.

For concerned staffing agencies, it may be impossible to eliminate the risk
of no call/no-shows, but there are ways to mitigate it. We’ll walk you
through five strategies for reducing ghosting. In practice, they can be applied to both your agency’s recruitment tactics and communication between clients and their prospective hires.

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