Store, invoice, and track your direct hire starts

A system that stores direct hire starts, automatically invoices, tracks payments and commissions, and creates reports.

Arrow in bullseye on target representing direct hire service offering

Empower your team

Team members submit starts, view personal GP, access invoices, know who has paid, and track commission.

Easily process starts

Create and deliver direct hire invoices effortlessly and keep your accounting system in sync.

Capture new insights

View trends and track starts by data points such as branch, job board, and team member in real time.

Empower your team

Team members submit direct hire starts for manager approval, or straight to accounting for invoicing.

Team members can view their direct hire GP in their personal dashboards, along with their other GP.

Your team can see the status of each direct hire start in real-time, and stop bugging your back office.

Give your team access to resend invoices to customers to expedite payment processing.

Bilflo graph and table showing direct hire starts for a specific time range.
Bilflo graph and table showing direct hire starts for a specific time range.

Built specifically for direct hire

Store client agreements

Keep track of the fee amount, payment terms, guarantee types, and periods. Upload signed PDFs, and automatically include with invoices as needed.

Reduce manual entry and errors

Automatically populate stored information such as fee amounts, payment terms, and guarantees from saved agreements to direct hire starts.

Split fees with ease

Split a direct hire fee into multiple invoices, each with its own invoice date and due date, automatically delivered via email, mail, or both.

Save offer letters

Store offer letters with direct hire starts, and automatically attach to invoices for compliance when necessary.

Track data unique to direct hire with a simple form

  • Client
  • Candidate
  • Candidate salary
  • Start date
  • Fee percentage
  • Guarantee type
  • Guarantee period
  • Payment terms
  • Sign-on bonus
  • Other related expenses
  • GP adjustments

Process direct hires more easily than before

Create invoices with one click

Direct hire invoices never fall through the cracks thanks to Bilflo’s unique invoicing queue. Once approved, direct hire starts automatically appear in the invoicing queue, along with contract invoices, making processing as easy as possible.

Deliver invoices the way you want

Team members can choose their direct hire start to be delivered via mail and/or emailed to one or more client contacts. Once an invoice is created, the applicable delivery methods appear in the delivery queue and are delivered with one click.

Track payments and commissions

Track whether or not clients have paid their invoice and whether your team members have been paid commission against a direct hire start.

Generate referral and bonus checks

Initiate referral and bonus checks in direct hire starts to be automatically created in your accounting system at a future date.

Integrate with accounting

  • Programmatically create and update customer records in your accounting system
  • Map Bilflo invoice items to your existing accounting invoice items
  • Retain invoice details in your accounting system by exporting data such as invoice number, date, terms, and line items, instead of just journal entries.
  • See what accounting systems work with Bilflo.
Bilflo export time to accounting
Bilflo export time to accounting

Gain insight into your growth

Run your business with real-time data

Get answers anytime

Dynamic reports

Run real-time reports and drill down to as much detailed data as you need.

Dream data

Easily track sales and GP by any custom field to see your ROI.

Flexible insights

Service offerings are built into every report so you can easily see individual or combined data.

Smart analytics

Compare data year over year, analyze gross margin, and so much more.