How to Approve/Deny Employees’ Timecards?

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This document provides the standard operating procedures (SOP) for Time Approval and Denial.

  1. Before you start, create Login Profile for Bilflo,
    • Check your email inbox for a “Welcome Email”
  2. Log in to your Bilflo account.
    1. As an approver, you will see the Outstanding Approval by default.
      • This will show the list of timecards that hasn’t been approved. 
    2. You can view the timecard by clicking “View Timecard“.
    3. You can also see the time card summary under “Description“.
    4. Approve or Deny the timecard as needed.
    5. In case of denied timecard, enter a reason for denial.
      • The employee will be notified of the denial and will be asked to resubmit his timecard for that particular week.
  • To look at the previously approved timecard, go to History.
  • Note: No edits can be made to the timecard once they are placed in the History section.
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