QuickBooks Online and Bilflo Integration

Integration Summary

Integrating with QuickBooks Online allows Bilflo to create new Clients, and send complete invoice data to QuickBooks including Invoice number, invoice date, due date, line items and memos, quantities, and rates; all programmatically.


Initial Setup

Below are the instructions you must do to set up Bilflo to connect with QuickBooks. This is a one-time setup. Once set up, you won’t need to make any changes to the connection.

  1. Click  Connect to QuickBooks. The Intuit login page will appear.
  2. Log into the Intuit QuickBooks account you want to connect.
  3. Click Connect when prompted.


Any new Client or Contract Job in Bilflo will appear on the Sync page with the Create Type. Syncing this record type will create a new Client or Contract Job in QuickBooks Online, respectively.

If an existing Client or Contract Job name changes in Bilflo it will also appear in the Sync page as an Update Type. Syncing this record type will update the Client or Job name in QuickBooks Online.


Once a Client or Job record is synced with QuickBooks, exporting invoices is possible. The Export page will show every invoice that needs to be exported to QuickBooks Online. After an invoice has been exported it will show on the Export History page, so you can know what has been exported.