March 8, 2021

Resolved Issues

  • Direct Hire Overview
    • Fixes an issue where the columns were not retaining selected filters. 
    • Fixes an issue where users were not able to open Direct Hire records. 
  • Direct Hire records
    • Fixes an issue where Direct Hire records were prevented from being deleted due to an existing invoice on the Create Invoice page. 
  • Missing Time page
    • Fixes an issue where the “Select All” function would not capture records that were loading in the background. The update displays all records that have timecards with a “Missing” status. 
    • Fixes an issue that prevented records from being sent email reminders. 
  • Timecard Approvals
    • Fixes an issue where outstanding timecard approvals were not populating for newly created jobs. 
  • Timecards
    • Fixes an issue where some third-party timecards were not displaying
  • Missed Meal Break / Premium Pay
    • Fixes an issue where the Premium Pay was not calculated correctly when a timecard exceeded 40 regular hours or when a contractor worked for 7 consecutive days. 
  • Add New Contact
    • Fixes an issue where users were previously able to create a new contact with an invalid Client name.