Elias Pacheco
May 14, 2021

Resolved Issues

  • Contract Overview page
    • Fixes an issue where a record was not retaining the sticky attribute when updated. 
    • Fixes an issue where a contract job (that is saved as a draft, and then approved) would not display on the Contact Overview page. 
  • Expenses:
    • Fixes an issue where a record with expenses did not display the total expense value.
  • Invoicing
    • Fixes an issue where a direct-hire invoice without a client agreement produced an error. 
  • Premium Pay / Missed Meal Periods
    • Updated to include Detailed Clock-in/Clock-out timecards with overtime rules “4 10s” and “4 10s Loose”. 
  • Reports:
    • Fixes an issue where the Sales and GP by Team Member Report excluded billing records with $0 in sales on the summary page but included them on the detail page.
  • Timecards:
    • Fixes an issue where some contractor timecards would not load or took a long time (about 30 seconds) to load.
  • +Add Project Line:
    • Fixes an issue where the user was unable to see the entire Project Name on a timecard. A “Copy Name” function was added beneath the Project Name field when it is 8 characters or longer.