Elias Pacheco
May 28, 2021

Resolved Issues

  • Approve Time Page:
    • Fixes an issue where expenses were calculated but not displaying properly on the Approve Time page.
  • Exporting to QB
    • Fixes an issue where the user was unable to export an invoice due to a long Addr1 field name. 
  • Mobile Environment
    • Fixes an issue where the user was unable to log out of Bilflo when in the mobile environment. 
  • +New Button / Profile Dropdown
    • Fixes an issue where the +New and profile dropdown (upper-right corner) buttons were not functioning properly from various pages within Bilflo. 
  • Team Member Timecard:
    • Fixes an issue where overtime was miscalculated for a team member’s Clock-in/Clock-out timecard when entering hours for the 7th consecutive day. 
  • Timecards Duplicated
    • Fixes an issue where Detailed Clock-in/Clock-out timecards were being duplicated in various instances.