Elias Pacheco
September 27, 2021

Resolved Issues

  • Custom Field:
    • Fixes an issue where a false toaster message was displayed when updating a custom field on the contract job page.
  • Expenses:
    • Fixes an issue where a new expense item was not displayed in the dropdown list on the timecard.
  • Invoices:
    • Fixes an issue where Sales and GP were calculated correctly but displayed incorrectly (rounding error) on several invoice pages/tables.
    • Fixes an issue where editing a processed invoice removed the text on the PDF showing the timestamp and which user approved the timecard.
  • Missed Meal Break / Premium Pay:
    • Updated the “Allow lunch to be waived” logic to comply with California law premium pay.
  • Paid Time Off:
    • Fixes an issue where the navigation menu’s user interface would change when a contractor/team member would click on the Paid Time Off section.
    • Fixes an issue where the Paid Time Off page would not display the table when a contractor/team member only has Vacation enabled on their profile.
  • QuickBooks Online:
    • Fixes an issue where the QuickBooks Online was disconnecting after an hour.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Updated the contractor environment to resolve a formatting issue regarding the Bilflo logo.
    • Updated the QuickBooks Online Accounting Configuration page to resolve a formatting issue.
    • Updated the Contract Summary Report to resolve a formatting issue.

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