Elias Pacheco
January 7, 2022

Resolved Issues 

  • Contractors
    • Updated the Contractors page so the dropdown arrows now include the option to delete the contractor record (as long as there are no active contract jobs associated with that record). 
  • Custom Field
    • Fixes an issue where certain values on the custom fields would cause the contract job page to display an error message. 
  • Expenses
    • Fixes an issue where users could not mark expense items on the Global Lists page as inactive. 
  • Timecards
    • Fixes an issue where 1099 Daily timecards that were attached to invoices were not displaying overtime values if they were present on the timecard. 
  • QuickBooks Online
    • Fixes an issue where the Invoice Mapping page and Client Mapping page were incorrectly displayed and causing an error when attempting to export.

New Features

  • Timecards:
    • 1099 Contractors can now utilize Detailed Clock-in Clock-out timecards on a contract job.
  • Meal Breaks
    • Removed meal break requirements for contract jobs in Kentucky in order to be in compliance with employment law. 
    • Removed Meal break requirements for contract jobs in Pennsylvania in order to be in compliance with employment law. 
  • Miscellaneous
    • Updated the text box when opening a terminated contract job. 
    • Updated the save buttons on the Contractor profile page as well as the Team Member profile page.