Elias Pacheco
May 16, 2022

Resolved Issues

  • Contract Jobs
    • Fixed an issue where an unexpected popup error occurred when saving. 
  • Contract Overview Page
    • Fixed an issue where Direct Labor was being miscalculated for 1099 transactions. 
    • Updated the Contract Overview page (as well as the CSV download) to display blank cells where the value is zero. 
  • Invoices
    • Fixed an issue where previewing an invoice with a salary timecard produced an error. 
    • Fixed an issue where the font is different if the contract job is associated with a PO number
    • Updated the invoices to use the logic applied on the PBI attribute, “Order By.”
  • QuickBooks Desktop
    • Fixed an issue where an error would occur when exporting a Direct Hire Sign-On Bonus to QuickBooks. 
  • Reports
    • Updated the Contract Summary Report to increase speed and performance. 
    • Updated the detail reports to display and include records where the values were equal to zero. 
  • Sick Time
    • Updated the Sick Time Journal logic to create various records at specific events. 
  • Timecards
    • Fixed an issue where an error occurred when attempting to save and submit a timecard with vacation time.
    • Removed the meal break requirement for Virginia timecards in order to be in compliance with employment law.