Elias Pacheco
June 27, 2022

Resolved Issues

  • Clients
    • Fixed an issue where the graph displayed incorrect GP when removing direct hire on the filter. 
    • Updated the Add Address model to require the “State” field when adding an address. 
  • Contract Overview
    • Ran a clean-up script to correct existing records that had an incorrect Burdened Direct Labor calculation. 
  • Health Insurance
    • Fixed an issue where an error was displayed on the health insurance detail page. 
  • Invoices
    • Fixed an issue where users were able to create invoices with the same invoice number. 
    • Fixed an issue where the invoice group was using an incorrect mailing address. 
  • Team Member
    • Fixed an issue where adding a timecard for a team member was not working properly. 
    • Updated the team member profile page to use 2 dropdown menus:
      • Actions (Reset Password, Resend Welcome Email, and Delete)
      • Other Pages (Permissions, Timecards, and Goals) 
  • Timecards
    • Fixed an issue where expense items were updated incorrectly on the timecard. 
    • Fixed an issue where inactive PBIs were still being added to timecards. 
  • QuickBooks Desktop
    • Fixed an issue where an error was displayed on the Map Contractors page for the QuickBooks Desktop (Payroll) integration. 
  • Workers Comp Codes
    • Fixed an issue where work comp codes accepted values other then numeric/decimal when creating new rates.