Elias Pacheco
November 7, 2022

Resolved Issues

  • Approve Time (third-party timecards)
    • Fixed an issue where the Approve Time page did not display values accurately for 3rd party timecards with custom PBIs.
  • Contractor
    • Fixed an issue where various fields on the contractor detail page were blank after creating a new contractor.
    • Fixed an issue where inaccurate Sick Time quantities were displayed in the Hours column.
  • Email
    • Fixed an issue where welcome emails sent from the Email Settings page did not include the correct link for users that were not registered.
  • Expenses
    • Fixed an issue where expenses were not calculated properly when entered by contractors or team members when they had default values in the expenses list on the Global Lists page.
  • Invoice
    • Fixed an issue where an error was displayed when creating an invoice.
  • Sick Time
    • Fixed an issue where the Paid Time Off page did not display accurate values when compared to the contractor’s sick time journal.

New Feature

  • Deliver Invoice
    • After updating and creating a new version of an invoice that has already been delivered, there is now an option to deliver the new version of that invoice or mark that invoice as delivered.