Elias Pacheco
November 22, 2022

Resolved Issues

  • Contract Job
    • Fixed an issue where Sick Time was updated unexpectedly when editing the contractor’s profile.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed an issue where an error was caused by a trigger when modifying an invoice.

New Feature

  • Add User without Email Address
    • When creating a user in Bilflo (Contractor, Client Contact, or Team Member), email addresses are no longer required fields. Bilflo creates a system email address in place of the blank field so it can reference this record accurately but this field can be updated at any time.
      • This is useful for creating a team member called “House Account” if you want to associate this with the Sales Rep custom field on a job but don’t want to use a company email address.
      • Another reason to use this would be if Contractors are going to use their Badge ID to log in (see release notes here for reference – https://www.bilflo.com/releases/2-0-39)