Which technologies to invest in to be prepared for 2022?

Kevin Nguyen
November 10, 2021

Covid 19 has greatly impacted most businesses in terms of productivity and revenue. The focus for 2022 for most organizations, will be all about recovery and resilience. Organizations are looking for ways in which automation can help make the business run more efficiently and support employees in their work. Here are two technologies we believe, staffing companies should invest in to be successful in 2022:

Technologies to Invest

1. Use Business Process Automation

Once you start your journey towards using business process automation, you see that the automation you use – while helpful – isn’t intelligent. It’ll do the job you need it to, but to take automation to the next level, you need to introduce business intelligence.

2. Invest in Business Intelligence

One of the ways to improve resiliency is through understanding how your business is truly operating. Business Intelligence can help you understand your organization’s overall health and help you easily spot inefficiencies, market trends, and opportunities. 

Business Process Automation and Business Intelligence work hand in hand

In the coming years, we will see more organizations use business process automation to streamline their current processes – especially the manual ones – to see where real value can be delivered. On the other hand, Business Intelligence gives organizations meaningful insights to make data driven decisions.

By investing in these two capabilities, you can help create a strong foundation to ensure your processes work to support and advance your plans. These technologies will become the norm by 2025 and businesses that make an early start on adopting them will be at a huge advantage over their more competitors.

At Bilflo, we combined business process automation and business intelligence to help staffing companies scale their back office with ease while getting the business intelligence you need to manage your staffing company.

See how our integrated solution works by checking out our resources:

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