How to Fill Out and Submit a Clock-In/Clock-Out Timecard

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  • Login to your Bilflo app
  • Go to Timecards> Outstanding
  • Fill out the following:
    • Clock In – Enter the time you start your shift and click “Save”.
    • Start Lunch – Enter the time you start your lunch and click “Save”.
    • End Lunch – Enter the time you ended your lunch and click “Save”.
    • Clock Out – Enter the time you ended your shift and click “Save”.
    • Working Total – shows the hours you worked for the day.
  • Click “Save and Submit”, when you are done with the entire week.
  • Click “Save Draft”, to save your changes.
  • Click “Did Not Work”, if you didn’t work for the week
  • If you need to enter any comments, fill in the comment bar and click “Comment”
  • Once you have submitted the timecard, the Timecard status should change from “Missing to Submitted”.
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