Timekeeping for Employees

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This document provides the standard operating procedures (SOP) for Time Entry & Submission for approvals.  There are several timekeeping options (timecards).  All notifications will be sent to the email inbox you provided to your company. 

  1. Before you start, create Login Profile for Bilflo, https://app.bilflo.com/login
    • Check your email inbox for a “Welcome Email”
  2. From any device (desktop, mobile, or tablet) login https://app.bilflo.com/login to enter time into your timecard.
  3. Select your Timecard with the appropriate Week Ending (WE) Date.
  1. ENTER TIME Worked
    1. Example 1: Daily Clock in/out Timecard 
      1. Desktop (photo | video)
      2. Mobile (photo | video)
    2. Example 2: Daily Timecard
      1. Desktop (view)
      2. Mobile (view)
    3. Example 3: Third Party Timecard
      1. Desktop (view)
      2. Mobile (video)
  2. If necessary, upload any supporting documents for expenses, mileage, etc..
  3. SUBMIT Timecard for approval with any comments to supervisor
  4. You will receive a notification via email (Accepted, Denied w/ comments)
  5. Get Paid
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