How to Set Up Contract Invoice Groups

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  • From the main navigation, go to People> Clients> (Client Name)> Contract> Invoice group.
  • If this is a new client, you will see 2 red notifications.
  • On the 1st notification, you will need to add a remittance (company logo), this will show on your invoice.
  • To do this, click on “Add one here
  • You will be redirected to the Remittance page.
  • Click “+Add Remittance”, then choose the appropriate logo.
  • Click the back button.
  • You will also need to add an address, to do this, click “Click to add one now”.
  • A pop-up window will show, fill out the form and click “Create”.
  • Once the logo and address have been created, you will see “Default Invoice Group” has been created on the left side.
  • The default invoice group will have the default settings, to change this, click “Edit”.
  • From here, you can change the following:
    • Payment terms
    • Template
    • Mailing Options
      • Tick the box “Mail Invoices”, if you want the invoice to be emailed. If you want to change the address tick the box “Change”.
      • Tick the box “Put Address in Footer”, if you want to add the address in the footer
    • ACA Options – there is a separate video instruction for this.
    • Display Options – Tick this box, if you want to group sick time together with regular time
  • If you want the invoice to be emailed, go to Email Recipient on the left side, and click “+Add Recipient”.
  • If you have unassigned jobs, it will show on the Invoice Groups. All you have to do is click “Assign” to assign the job to an invoice group.
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