Resolved Issue

  • Timecard Approval
    • Fixes an issue where the Client Contact/Approver was unable to view submitted timecards for newly created contract jobs.

Resolved Issue

  • Contract Assignments: 
    • Fixes an issue where the +Add Approver button would not function when changing a time collection method from one that does not require an approver (Bulk or Third Party) to one that requires an approver (Clock-In/Clock-Out, Daily, etc.)

User Experience

  • In a contract job, the display for selecting a client contact as a timecard approver was updated.

Resolved Issues

  • Emailing
    • Fixes an issue where the wrong email address was used when resetting a password.
    • Fixes an issue during registration where the company ID would be automatically populated in the email field.
  • Custom Fields:  
    • Fixes an issue where, in some cases, more custom fields were able to be created than the active plan permitted.
  • Invoices
    • Fixes an issue where an invoice was unable to be created against a third party timecard if sick time was used.
    • Fixes a formatting issue when previewing an invoice.
  • Bulk Time page
    • Fixes an issue on the Bulk Time page when changing the status from “Approved” to “Delete” caused an error.
  • Missing Time page
    • Fixes an issue on the Missing Time page where a deselected record acted as if it remained selected.
    • Fixes an issue on the Missing Time page where the “last contacted” value did not update after sending emails.
  • Misc
    • Fixes an issue that prevented users from resetting their password.
    • Fixes an issue where overtime was not being calculated correctly in California over seven consecutive days.
    • Fixes an issue where in some cases a contractor record was unable to be synced to QuickBooks Desktop.